Religious Education

RE Lead – Mrs Christian


The aim of Religious Education in Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School is to lead our children to an understanding of Christianity through the Catholic tradition, as made explicit in “The Curriculum Directory for Catholic Schools”. We will encourage the children to ask questions relating to themselves and others about life experiences, importance and purpose.

Through the ‘Come and See’ syllabus, we will provide a broad and balanced curriculum which respects and accommodates individual need.

We will strive to help our children to form and deepen their belief that Jesus Christ can provide answers to these questions, so beginning their journey in faith. We will also help them to acquire skills and attitudes needed on that journey. In pursuing our aim we will promote self esteem, excellence and enjoyment for all.

We endeavour to make our school community a living example of a Christian Community, based on Catholic philosophy and attitudes, made evident in the relationships amongst staff and children.



  • To use the ‘Come and See’ syllabus to promote Christian values by relating them to everyday life, ensuring that children are given the opportunity to hold onto these values.


  • Ensure that each person is encouraged to love and respect themselves, demonstrate respect for one another and celebrate when respect is shared


  • To follow all guidelines and procedures laid down for security of personnel, premises and Child Protection


  • Ensure that adequate time is allocated to cover all aspects of the curriculum including academic, spiritual, moral, cultural and physical


  • Create a stimulating and fun environment which nurtures learning and provides opportunities for success where achievements, aspirations and attainment are valued.


  • Ensure that the whole school community and stakeholders are made aware of school events via a variety of media.


  • To provide an open door policy where everyone can feel welcome and involved

Religious Education Programme

To fulfil our aims and objectives, we use the ‘Come and See’ programme of Religious Education, as prescribed by the Archdiocese of Liverpool. The aim of the programme is to explore the religious dimension of questions about life, dignity and purpose within the Catholic tradition.

It links the pupils own experiences, universal experience and the experience of other faiths. The programme raises questions and helps the children reflect on their answers. It will help the children explore the beliefs, values and way of life of the Catholic tradition and, where appropriate, other faiths.

There are three questions explored through nine themes. Each term a question is explored about a mystery of life and the Christian belief, which answers it.



The process for delivering the topics in ‘Come and See’ has three stages – Explore, Reveal and Respond which enable pupils to develop knowledge, understanding, skills and attitudes.

The process encompasses a variety of teaching and learning styles, which enable the needs of individual pupils to be met.