Ofsted Inspection December 2019


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Ofsted visited our school on the 17th  and 18th  December 2019.

‘There is a strong sense of unity amongst staff and Governors at this school. All are determined to give pupils the best possible start in life.’

‘There is a calm atmosphere around the school. Teachers have high expectations of pupils.’

‘Leaders have taken decisive action to improve the quality of the curriculum. They have thought carefully about what to teach pupils and when this will happen. The curriculum has been designed well. As a result, pupils achieve well across the school and in a range of subjects, including English and Mathematics.’

‘Leaders’ top priority is ensuring that pupils can read fluently and confidently. From the start, children are taught phonics well.’

‘Leaders have reviewed and improved the mathematics curriculum. ‘

‘Leaders have also made changes to how the curriculum is designed in subjects other than English and Mathematics. This means that pupils have a better understanding of these subjects when they go to secondary school.’

‘The school caters well for pupils with special educational needs an/or disabilities (SEND). Experienced teaching assistants provide additional support for this group in lessons. This means that pupils with SEND do not fall behind.’

‘The school provides plenty of opportunities to develop beyond what they learn in lessons.’

‘Safeguarding is effective. Safeguarding is a high priority at the school.’

Click on the link for the Ofsted 2019 report