Foundation Stage Curricululum

 Foundation Stage Curriculum

At Saints Peter and Paul primary school, we want our children to be happy, enjoy school and learning, be settled and feel safe. We want each child to feel that school is their ‘home’, somewhere they can be themselves and loved; never judged.  We see each child as an individual and we want each child to reach their full potential.   Our curriculum is designed to provide children with the opportunities and experiences to develop positive behaviours and attitudes to learning and prepare our children to succeed as a learner in life.

We take into account the challenging backgrounds that many of our pupils come from and as a result, in Little Saints (2 yr room) and our nursery, we focus heavily on the prime areas of learning.  We want our children to be happy and enjoy Nursery through playing & learning.  We want to develop their social skills, encouraging them to develop friendships.  We teach children about routines and boundaries and provide a language enriched environment.  We focus on individual needs and begin a more structured timetable for those children who are ready.

When our children are ready and these foundations are embedded , we focus on specific areas. We plan for a balance between adult led activities and child initiated play. Careful planning that considers children’s abilities and interests helps children’s learning to be more purposeful and fun.   Each child is encouraged to reach their full potential, through clear and specific next steps, planning and assessment that are on-going throughout the year and take into account links with parents/carers.  Staff have high expectations and the learning environment is of a high standard.  Areas are stimulating and well resourced.  The environment is designed to allow children to practice skills, consolidate their learning and provide children with challenge.

It is our duty to prepare our children for their future and we aim to nurture respectable, considerate, loving, resilient, sociable, independent and confident critical thinkers who are prepared for their next steps of learning.  We also ensure that our children are equipped with the early phonics, reading, writing and maths skills necessary to prepare them for KS1.

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