Little Saints

We are learning to take turns and share as we roll. bounce and throw the ball to our friends!

We love books in Little Saints, indoors, in groups, looking at them independently indoors and outdoors and sharing them with our friends. We like to act out our favourite stories in other areas too, especially the playdough area and outside.

It is nice to be creative as we use our imagination to construct various things from “a tower”, “a swimming pool” or “a house” using a variety of resources which we can access independently.

Collective worship before our daily snack

We love to explore water play in Little Saints, we have lots of resources to enjoy pouring and emptying, using guttering and we especially like using the sharks and sea creatures.

We like to enjoy the outdoors in all different kinds of weather, we talk about what the weather is each day, we think about what we need to wear before having lots of fun outdoors. Putting our wet suits on gives us the opportunity to use our gross motor skills to jump up and down to splash in the puddles. We sometimes notice our own reflection in the water.