Little Saints

The children enjoyed making firework pictures and telling us all about what happened when they saw them (Noises, Colours and who they went with).

Exploring our Autumn exploration tray.

The children used their critical thinking skills as they sorted a variety of coloured objects and pictures.

Outdoor mark making.

We love to read our favourite stories over and over, it helps us to learn new words. One of our favourites at the minute is The Animal Boogie.

Joining in with ‘Funky Fingers’, the children were really good at staying focussed as they carefully threaded Cheerio’s onto their straws, very good counting too!

We loved exploring the Reception playground and slide, taking risks, decision making, climbing and having fun!

Role Play in the home corner with our friends.

The children used their fine manipulative skills as they explored the shaving foam.

What animals will we find in the Zoo?