Welcome to Class Plessington

Here is some information about our class. We hope that you find it useful.

PE is scheduled for Monday afternoon. Children are required to come into school in their PE kits and tracksuit if needed.

Homework will be given out every Monday and will consist of: weekly spelling, reading book, comprehension and maths sheet.  It must be returned each and every Friday. Children were given mathletics log -in details in the first week of term and are expected to use it daily.

There will be a  spelling test every Monday so children have a whole week to learn them. Every three weeks, there will be a consolidation spelling test of 30 words so it is vital that children learn them regularly.

Children are expected to read at home regularly for 15 minutes to an adult. Reading records must be completed and signed by parents/carers. Reading books must be returned to school on Fridays only. A new book will be given out the following Monday.

Spelling lists for Autumn 1 have been sent home on 14.01.20. Please keep this safe.

All contact/medical and permission for other adults to collect your child  sheets, influenza letters and asthma documentation must be returned to school, fully completed as soon as possible.

Please follow Class Plessington on Twitter.

If you have any concerns, please make contact via telephoning the school office.

Take care and stay safe.

Mrs Murphy,  Miss McMahon and Mrs Coburn.

Home Learning 19.10.20

****Use Times Tables Rock Stars, mathletics and Purple Mash ****

YEAR 4 MATHS: Subtraction

Maths Monday 19.10.20

Maths Tuesday 20.10.20

Spelling and handwriting work

Autumn 1 spellings list and test dates

Complete 10 word spelling test.

Over the next 5 days complete a spelling test of the Year3 and 4 Common Exception Words. There are 109 of them so please do 22 per day. Use these words to write a sentence if you have any spare time.

English Work

Monday: Check and edit the story ending for the Enormous Crocodile. Look for: correct punctuation, spelling and grammar. Is it in paragraphs?

Tuesday: Plan a story for a tiny creature of your choice. Think carefully about the beginning, middle and end of the story. Don’t forget to use paragraphs. Try to make it have tension and twist at the end.


Log on to Purple Mash. A reading activity has been set for your child.


Revise the following: Nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, expanded noun phrases, statements, questions, commands and exclamations, commas in a list, inverted commas for speech.

Try to use all of these in your story writing this week.

Look on BBC bitesize primary to help you.

Come and See

PROMISES explore LF 1 AND LF2 3 4 5 and 6

Look at Explore and Learning Focus 5 (Monday). Complete the suggested questions and activities for your year group.


To be completed on Tuesday

Activity Sheet Environmental Changes

Activity Sheet Endangered Animals Report

Design and Technology

To be completed on Wednesday and Thursday.

By 3.15pm tomorrow, you will have designed, made and evaluated a story book (The enormous crocodile) for younger children.

But first, today can you:

experiment with different techniques to create moving pictures:

  1. Create a moving picture of a car using a lever
  2. Make a rotating picture to show the sun rising and setting
  3. Use a paper concertina to create a snake that leaps off the page.
  4. Create a flap which opens to show the contents of a treasure chest. Make a handle that lifts the flap

When you have made these today, try to imagine how those mechanisms can be used in your story book (The enormous crocodile) tomorrow.

Post photos on Twitter of your 4 mechanisms.

Learning Log: Complete a learning log of your choice over half term.