Little Saints

The children liked using boxes outdoors, playing hide and seek and pretending to be the 3 Little Pigs.

Exploring the shaving foam.

The children were very clever at using our obstacle course. They thought of different ways they could move safely, testing ideas as they moved the resources.

Building Together.

Were going on a bug hunt……

The children enjoyed taking part in Funky Fingers, using scissors, pegs and threading.

Once upon a time…..

The children enjoyed acting out their experiences as they explored the baby clinic.

Large scale drawing!

Chatterbox – The children were excited to find out what was in our basket today and talk about the objects. Some children could name the items or repeat their name and some of the children could tell us lots of interesting things about them.

Exploring the gloop!


Open Wide !! Acting out our experiences.


The children enjoyed using their Gross and Fine Manipulative skills during our floor activity. They talked about the marks they made whilst playing alongside each other.

Fun exploring the small world farm.

I can draw lines and circles !

Exploring our water wall.

I like to show a ‘can do’ attitude.

I am interested in objects in the environment.