Little Saints



The children were very clever at using our obstacle course. They thought of different ways they could move safely, testing ideas as they moved the resources.

The children had a lovely time at our Royal Wedding Tea Party, we shared snack together in the sunshine.

We had a lovely time on a bug hunt in the school gardens. The children showed curiosity as the looked through their magnifying glasses as they searched for bugs.


Making Relationships – See Saw

 Song bag time – One of our daily singing sessions, the children pass the song bag around the circle and get to choose one item from the bag.

We have fun dancing together and making friends.



Fruit sorting and counting.






Funky Fingers – The children concentrate as they take part in a variety of Funky Fingers activities, threading, using the pegs and cutting.

Thank You to the parents/carers who recently attended our parents course, it was lovely to share some of our activities with you!

To extend our learning about The Very Hungry Caterpillar the children took part in a fruity taste test, they liked the challenge of chopping up their own fruit.

Exploring the water resources with our friends.

The children have took great care of our ‘babies’ in the baby clinic.