Welcome to Class Fisher

Class Teachers

Mrs Guy (Mon – Wed) and Mrs Spittlehouse (Wed – Fri)

Teaching Support

Mrs Lindop



Homework will be given out on a Monday and collected in each Friday.

Extra/spare copies of homework are always available.

Counting on to add due 26.10.20



Spellings will be given out each Monday and tested each Friday. 

Every fourth week, the children will be tested on the previous three weeks spellings (consolidation week).

Friday 16th October – Consolidation week (previous three weeks spellings)

Your child will be sent home with eight weeks worth of spellings.

Our next spelling test will take place on 16. 10.20

Spellings for this half term will be uploaded below:

Year 5 Autumn 1st 2020 spellings


Children will also be learning words for Year 5/6 –  set by the National Curriculum.  They will be tested on these once each term. Please find the list below.

Year 5 6 Word list National Curriculum

KS2 Grammar Glossary



Home Readers

 Home Readers are changed weekly.  Please ensure that your child changes their book every Friday. If your child is reading a lengthy text,  please return your book even if it is not finished – just make a note of the page/chapter you have read up to in the reading log.

Home Learning

If your child is self isolating at home you may ring school to arrange to pick up a Home Learning Pack. This will contain work that the children in class are covering that week.

Your child  has also been given an individual password to access: Mathletics, Purple Mash and Timestables Rockstars from home. Please let us know if you need another copy as these are a really useful online learning tool to support your child’s  learning from home.

A timetable will be displayed below, each week, while any children from Class Fisher are self isolating.

Home Learning Activities – Week Beginning 19.10.20

Maths for the week 

Year 5 Basic Skills

Rounding to 1000 worksheet

Rounding worksheet



Monday – read – writing_a_balanced_argument

Monday – highlight features – indoor_breaktimes_argument

Tuesday – read half of Friend or Foe Chapter 5

Tuesday – complete missing words – openers_to_join_opposing_or_additional_POV

                          Wednesday – write balanced argument – Should David and Tucky help the Germans.  2 paragraphs for and 2 against.

Thursday – read 2nd half of Friend or Foe Chapter 5

Thursday – Comprehension ch5

Comprehension ch5 ans


Cameron’s Conjunction Challenge Activity Sheet

Purple Mash – Alien Time

Colin’s Co-ordinating Conjuction Challenge Activity Sheet –


The Outstanding Olympics

DT  –

Read – Money Containers Slide1

Choose an activity – Money Containers Work1

Read -Money Containers Slide2 – now practise your sewing

                                              Design your own money container

Now make your container



         The Blitz

Choose an activity – Children in WW2 Work2

Information Sheet Rationing

Activity Sheet Rationing Comprehension Questions

Answer Sheet Rationing Comprehension


Come and See activities


Mindfulness parent pack


You may also find the links below useful to support your child’s learning at home: – For writing activities – Another useful website to inspire writing activities – Access to a wide range of subjects within the curriculum (activities and videos) – To

Keep up to date with everything on our class twitter page: @ClassFisher1

Class Fisher. Please share your pictures with us if you celebrated your 1st Holy Communion today. @ClassFisher1

A huge well done to the children who logged on to @TTRockStars yesterday. The girls are still in the lead! @ClassFisher1 @ssppcps

Class Fisher researching two very important people in Come and See this afternoon - Mother Teresa and Pope Francis. @ClassFisher1 @ssppcps


Your child was sent home with their Maths homework today. Please try to complete it by Friday 16th October (or earlier). There's an electronic copy on our class page and plenty of spare paper copies in class. See you in the morning! @ClassFisher1 @ssppcps

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Our P.E day is Friday.

Children must have a full P.E kit which consists of a white t-shirt, blue shorts and P.E pumps. 




Curriculum Overview

Click on the link below to find out what your child will be learning about this half term.


Note to parents / carers:

By the end of year 4, pupils should have memorised their multiplication tables up to and including 12 x 12.

(National Curriculum, 2014)

Please encourage your child to use Mathletics and Times Table Rock Stars regularly. Usernames and passwords will be sent home with your child week beginning (01/09/20)

Additional multiplication homework will be given throughout each term.

National Curriculum word lists for years 5/6:

Year 5 and 6 word list – National Curriculum