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During this difficult time when your child cannot attend Nursery I have put together some fun learning activities that you can do at home with them.

Remember these are only suggested activities; you know your child best!

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Ideas to help with home learning Nursery activities

Suggested home learning activities 6.7.20 nursery timetable 8.7.20

Daily schools moving challenge Challange cards completed new

Mini-beast colour by numbert-tp-6929-eyfs-minibeasts-colour-by-number-activity-sheets_ver_1

mini-beast action cards t-t-12815-minibeast-action-cards-_ver_1

mini-beast hunt  checklist t-t-019-eyfs-minibeast-hunt-checklist-_ver_2

mini-beast countingT-T-2914-Minibeasts-Counting-Worksheet-12_ver_1

Mini-beast shape pictures2D Shape Ladybird Picture Activity Sheets

Suggested home learning activities 29.6.20Nursery timetable 29.6.20

Julia DonaldsonEYFS English stay at home julia Donaldson

I spy i spy

Our WorldUniversal Church Topic PLANNING_ (1)

Suggested home learning activities 22.6.20Nursery timetable 22.6.20 camping 

Sports weekNational Sports Week Challenges (1)

Sports week certificateCertificate

Camping picturecamping picture

Phonics bingo Boards Cards Word List

Suggested home learning activities for 15.6.20Nursery timetable 15.6.20 The train ride

The train ride mathst-t-6469-the-train-ride-addition-sheet_ver_1

Ice cream mathst-m-30231-ice-cream-scoops-0-to-5-cut-outs_ver_1

Suggested home learning activities for 8.6.20Nursery timetable 8.6.20

Phonics bingo Boards Cards Word List

Shape pictures t-t-291998-2d-shapes-firework-cut-out-matching-activity-

Shape picturesT-N-4957-Colour-by-2D-Shapes_ver_4

Suggested home activities 1.6.20 Nursery timetable 1.6.20

Draw a picture of your favourite teddy bear draw your favourite teddy bear

Invitation for Teddy Bear’s picnic t-t-252462-teddy-bears-picnic-invitation 

Teddy Bear’s picnic colouringT-T-10522-Teddy-Bears-Picnic-Colouring-Pages

Rhyming activity rhyming cards

Suggested home activities 18.5.20 Nursery timetable 18.5.20

Pirate colouringt-t-2547946-extra-large-pirate-colouring-pages

Pirate treasure mapT-T-27715-Create-Your-Own-Treasure-Map

Pirate stick puppets T-T-9467-Pirate-Stick-Puppets

Pirate number booklet T-N-1071-Number-Formation-Workbook-Pirates

Sensory bottleT-A-162-Calming-Glitter-Sensory-Bottle_ver_2

Suggested home activities 11.5.20Nursery timetable 11.5.20

Superhero mask T-T-16606-Superhero-Masks_ver_1 (1)

Cinema Ticketcinmea ticket

Home activities 4.5.20 Nursery-home-Timetable 4.5.20

Little Red Riding Hood StoryT-T-5157-Little-Red-Riding-Hood-Story-Powerpoint-1

Little Red Riding Hood counting activity t-t-6999-little-red-riding-hood-addition

Little red riding hood missing numberT-T-15985-Little-Red-Riding-Hood-Missing-Numbers-Worksheet

Little Red Riding Hood fine motor T-T-10418-Little-Red-Riding-Hood-Themed-Cutting-Skills-Worksheet

Little Red Riding Hood Shopping listBlank

Little Red Riding HoodT-T-8910-Little-Red-Riding-Hood-Pencil-Control-Sheets_ver_1

Little Red Riding Hood colouringT-T-16000-Little-Red-Riding-Hood-Colouring-Sheets

VE DAY activities- Bunting VE Day Display Bunting

MedalDesign a Medal VE Day Colouring Page

Spitfire Simple WW2 Spitfire Glider Activity Paper Craft

VEday colouringVE Day Colouring Page

Home Activities 27th April 2020: Timetable for 27th April

Dear Zoo Activities for week 27.4.20   animal counting animal counting    

Dear Zoo letterDear Zoo letter T-T-29033-

Dear Zoo ‘I Spy’i-spy-zoo-animals-activity-sheet t-t-2544868

Zoo colouring pages-zoo-mindfulness-colouring-sheets_ver_1

Home Activities 20th April 2020Timetable for Nursery 20th April

Goldilocks and the three bears extra activities Phonics Goldilocks and the Three Bears Phase 3 Find the Phonemes Phonics PowerPoint

Goldilocks colouringGoldilocks and the Three Bears Mindfulness Colouring Story

Goldilocks home activitiesT-T-27583-EYFS-Goldilocks-And-The-Three-Bears-Home-Learning-Challenge-Sheet-Reception-FS2_ver_1


Home activities 13th April 2020 Timetable for Nursery 13th April

Farm maths bookletFarm-Identifying-Numbers-Worksheets

Home School activities 6th April 2020  Timetable for Nursery 6th April

The Very Hungry Caterpillar Maths Activity bookletThe Hungry Caterpillar maths booklet

Home school timetable 30th March Timetable for Nursery 30 March

                                           Home School Leaflet Home School

                                             Home School Timetable Nursery home Timetable

During this difficult time I hope you can take time out to focus on your well-being and the well-being of your child. This document from Sunshine Yoga has lots of ideas to support you.

Sunshine Yoga parent pack Mindfulness parent pack






 Mrs Foot(Teacher)

Mrs Radcliffe (TA)

Miss Sultan (TA) Mon, Tue, Wed

Mrs Spinks (TA) Wed, Thur, Fri

Reading Books

All Reading Books are to be brought in on a Wednesday and you can help your child to choose a book on Wednesday, Thursday or Friday.

Book bags can be purchased from the School Office.

Take a look at what we will be learning!

Nursery Foundation Stage Medium Term Planning spring 2

Nursery Leaflet Spring 2

Spring 1 Planning Nursery MT planning spring 1 2020


Spring Parent Leaflet Nursery Leaflet Spring 1

Autumn 2 Planning Nursery Autumn 2 Medium Term Planning

Parent Information Leaflet:Nursery Autumn leaflet 2

Autumn Planning:Nursery Autumn 1

Parent information leaflet: Nursery Autumn leaflet


In Nursery your child’s learning will be centred around play; play provides endless opportunities

to learn and develop in a fun and meaningful way for your child!

We value your child’s interests and what they enjoy doing at home

Please call in for a Home-Learning story to tell us about their


or print one out Nursery Home Learning Story