Welcome to Nursery

We hope you had a fun Half term


 Mrs Foot(Teacher)

Mrs Radcliffe(GTA) Mrs Spinks (GTA)

Reading Books

All Reading Books are to be brought in on a Wednesday and will be sent home on a Friday!

Book bags can be purchased from the School Office.

Take a look at what we will be learning!

Nursery MT Planning Summer 2 Nursery Leaflet Summer 2

Nursery MT Planning Summer 1

Nursery Leaflet Summer 1

Nursery Foundation Stage Medium Term Planning spring 2

Nursery Leaflet Spring 2

Nursery Leaflet Spring 1

Nursery MT planning spring 1



Nursery Autumn 1

Nursery Autumn leaflet

In Nursery your child’s learning will be centred around play; play provides endless opportunites to learn and develop in a fun and meaningful way for your child!

We value your child’s interests and what they enjoy doing at home

Please call in for a Home-Learning story to tell us about their interest.

or print one out Nursery Home Learning Story