Welcome to Nursery


 Mrs Foot(Teacher)

Mrs Radcliffe (TA)

Miss Sultan (TA) Mon, Tue, Wed

Mrs Spinks (TA) Wed, Thur, Fri

Reading Books

All Reading Books are to be brought in on a Wednesday and will be sent home on a Friday!

Book bags can be purchased from the School Office.

Take a look at what we will be learning!

                   Spring 1: Nursery Rhymes & Songs Nursery MT planning spring 1 2019

Spring Leaflet Nursery Leaflet Spring 1

                        Autumn 2: Celebrations, Nursery Autumn 2 Medium Term Planning

                          Autumn 2 LeafletNursery Autumn leaflet 2

Autumn 1: Myself & Special PeopleNursery Autumn 1

Autumn 1 Leaflet:Nursery Autumn leaflet

In Nursery your child’s learning will be centred around play; play provides endless opportunities

to learn and develop in a fun and meaningful way for your child!

We value your child’s interests and what they enjoy doing at home

Please call in for a Home-Learning story to tell us about their


or print one out Nursery Home Learning Story