Farmer Ted’s

The children had an excellent day at Farmer Ted’s.  The children’s behaviour was excellent!  We got to groom the ponies, go on  a tractor ride, hold mini-beasts, watch a bird show, ferret race and a cow being milked.  Plus we got to see a variety of farm animals and have a little play!  On the way home, lots had a little sleep as they were exhausted!


Easter Bonnet Parade!

A big well done to everyone!  Your hats were amazing.

The Easter Bunny came to visit today!

Comic Relief-Thank you for your support!


Zoo Lab!

Science week


World Book Day Parade

Making a book mark!

We enjoyed looking at lots of books and reading stories.  We also wrote about our favourite book character!


Pancake Tuesday


Hand Hygiene

Today we learnt about the importance of washing our hands!


Celebrating Chinese New Year



Our Interests

A fossil was found in one of our children’s garden.  This has triggered a lot of questions and an investigation.

Please make a visit to Liverpool Museum to research some more!

Dear Zoo

We have been focusing on this story this week and have enjoyed lots of activities linked to it.  We have created our own pages for the story, made our own zoo, planned & designed our own enclosures, used collage to create animals and made animal masks.

We have been lucky enough to receive a parcel from the zoo!  Our very own horse.  We had a vote and have called our horse ‘Lexi’.

Next, we will write letters to the zoo to thank them for Lexi.


Christmas Party!

Our Christmas Assembly

Christmas Dinner

We enjoyed having our teachers serve us our lunch today.

Stick Man

We have read the story and loved it! So we have decided to make our own Stick People for our class winter display! We had to go on a walk to collect some bits.


Elf Reporting!  We have a special job-we have to let Father Christmas know what his Elves are up too!



Some Christmas enhancements


We are Santa’s busy little helpers!


Our Giant Elf was lost but we had an excellent idea!  We made ‘Lost’ posters for around school!  Luckily, he was found and had been on an adventure! …..A Polar Express adventure!!


Look who has come to visit!!!


The day Pudsey Bear came to visit!

Thank you everyone for your donations!


Remembrance Day art work


Bonfire art work

The children have been so excited for Halloween!

We have based some activities in class around some books, such as ‘The Friendly Witch’ and ‘Room on the Broom!’

Practicing our drawing skills!


After reading The Little Red Hen story, we decided to make our own bread!

Well done to all our children for an amazing Harvest Assembly!  You are all little stars!



Today an enormous envelope arrived to our class!

Inside was a letter from the Giants!

A fantastic little helper,  read the letter to the class!

The children suggested we go and investigate and that’s just what we did!…….

We found some items left behind by the Giants!

We loved finding out about the Giants and decided to design,  draw and make models of the Giants.

Look at our excellent work!


SSPP School reopens tomorrow, 29th October- see you all on the playground at 8.55am! Breakfast Club opens at 8.00am. Let’s see which is the first class in Autumn Term 2 to get 100% Attendance! @class_adams @Class_Owens

@class_adams @Class_Owens @ssppcps ...and we join you in being proud of those amazing Mathletes! 💪👏Well done to all the children, it's just great to see so much success in these photos🤩The whole Mathletics team says hi and obviously "Congratulations!!!!"🥇🏅🏆

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Look at our fabulous  little artists!

Today we have enjoyed observing and completing observational drawings of a nest!

Stay & Play Session

Our parents came to school with us today!

Look at what we enjoy doing in our new class!