Farmer Ted’s


Easter Bonnet Parade 2017


Stay & Play with our families

Before we started school, we visited our new class with our families.


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Our First day!

We were all very brave and came to school with a big smile.  We had lots of fun and enjoyed exploring our new class.

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Parents/carers & grandparents were invited in to make a scarecrow.  You all had so much fun & we loved your scarecrows! Well done!!


Our Harvest Assembly!




Enjoying getting ready for Christmas!



Christmas dinner!







Our Christmas Assembly

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Looking at other Faiths-Hinduism




Spring 2017


Our visit to Saints Peter & Paul’s church

 World Book Day


 Jamie Carragher Football Sessions

Ash Wednesday

 Our Story Box Lesson-Super Daisy!

Every now and then a story box is delivered to our class.  Today we received another box from the book fairy!

We had to create a super hero to help Daisy stop planet Earth from being invaded by peas!.

We drew and wrote a list of qualities our super hero would have.



Outdoors, we created super hero potions in our lab!



Jamie Carragher certificates