Meeting Dates, Committee Membership and Link Governors

                                          Committee Members of Saints Peter and Paul’s Governing Body

2017 – 2018


 Teaching And Learning Committee                           Health, safety, Resources and Personnell

Ms. Joanne Unsworth                                          Mr. George MacKenzie-   
Chair of Committee                                                          Chair of Committee                                                                                                            
Mr. Stewart Furlong                                                                 Mr. Matty Pendergast
Ms. Sarah Jane Carroll                                                            Joanna Mousley
Mr Gerry Scotland                                                                    Joanne Unsworth
Mrs. Laura Kildare                                                                   Gerry Scotland
Joanna Mousley                                                                       Stewart Furlong


Meeting dates


4pm Monday 18th September 17 Full GB (TOR)
4pm Monday 9th October 17 Resources & Personnel
4pm Tuesday 7th November 17 Teaching & Learning
4pm Tuesday 14th November 17 Full GB



4pm Tuesday 16th  January 18 HS, Resources & Personnel
4pm Tuesday 27th  February 18 Teaching & Learning
4pm Tuesday 6th March 18 Full GB



4pm Tuesday 15th May 18 HS, Resources & Personnel
4pm Tuesday 19th June 18 Teaching & Learning
4pm Tuesday 22nd May 18 Full GB – Budget approval only
4pm Tuesday 17th  July 18 Full GB

Link Governor Roles 2017 – 2018

Safeguarding – Mr. George MacKenzie
Pupil Premium – Ms. Joanne Unsworth
Health & Safety – Mr. Matty Pendergast
Attendance – Ms. Joanne Unsworth
SEN – Ms. Sarah Jane Carroll
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