Parents Questionnaire Analysis 2016 – 2017

Results from Parents Questionnaire Nov 2016

44 Questionnaires sent back to school 44/215 families = 20% return

(Please tick) strongly agree agree disagree strongly disagree don’t know
My child enjoys school. 61% 34% 2%   2%
My child is making good progress because the teaching is good at school. 70% 27%     2%
I feel that my child is safe and well cared for at school. 66% 34%      
Behaviour in school is good. 57% 41%     2%
The school is well led and managed. 55% 43% 2%    
The school takes account of children’s views. 45% 41% 2%   12%
The school seeks the views of parents/carers and takes account of their suggestions and concerns. 45% 36% 2%   16%



Things Parents liked about school
Support for the whole family x8 Community feel and Ethos X 1 Uniform X 2
Staff are helpful, approachable, friendly X 9 School Meals X 1 Learning is maximised so  children reach full potential X 1
Breakfast Club/After School Club X 6 Extra Curricular Activities X 7 Learning is fun X 2
Homework X 2 Workshops for parents X 1 Everything! X 2
Up to date information about progress X 1 Enthusiasm of Teachers X 1 Certificates for Mathletics X 2
Weekly Spelling tests X 1 Reading books changed regularly x 1 Good prep for Y6 Tests x 1
Children’s views / school council x 1 Exercise equipment on playgrounds x 1 Children well looked after and cared for x 2
Weekly newsletter sent out through APP x2 Activities on  playground x 2 Parents Questionnaires x 1
Text service x 1    
Things Parents would like to change
Breakfast Club opening at 7.45am X 1 More notice of events X 1 Prompt sheets for maths to help Parents with strategies X 1
No external doors on some classrooms, queuing for children at home time X1 Split Classes X 2 Homework sent back home when marked X 1
Rotate evenings for the Extra Curricular activities – each term on same days/ more variety X 2 Too much Homework X 1 Information explained more in Newsletter eg What is Autumn open day?
Dinner ladies listening more X 2 Bullying X 1 More regular reports on progress X 1
Online payment system X 1 SEN issues x 1 More Pastoral support x 1
Improved communication x 3 Bigger classrooms x 1 More consideration for working parents re; meetings x1
Peer marking x 1 Sensory circuits x 1