Shakespeare Theatre

Saints Peter and Paul are hosting  a 3D architect model of the proposed Shakespeare North Playhouse, we were given this opportunity through our participation  in the Shakespeare North Festival.

The model will be on display in our school for one week to show children and parents what the building will look like.

Please pop into the office to see the model.


The Y5/6 children performed Twelfth Night in the Shakespeare festival the following is an appraisal by the Shakespeare North team member Lane Paul Stewart;

Twelfth Night
by Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School
at Knowsley Leisure and Culture Park, 17/11/2017
appraised by Lane Paul Stewart

I would like to offer sincere thanks and congratulations to Saints Peter and Paul Catholic
Primary School for your wonderful production of Twelfth Night as part of the 2017
Shakespeare Schools Festival. Students and teachers alike have put hard work, imagination,
determination and passion into this production, and were a credit to the school. I'd like to
take this opportunity to highlight just a few fantastic moments that you should be especially
proud of.
v We saw some wonderfully clear and comic characters from the moment the play
opened and these continued to deliver light-hearted humour to the piece until the end.
v The energy of the company was high throughout the play and this kept the pace up
with confident entrances and exits.
v I was impressed by the fantastic physical expression from the actors, including their
bold gestures full of intention, which helped communicate the developing story and
character relationships clearly to the audience.
v The company put great effort into breaking down the fourth wall and inviting the
audience into their play, which was extremely entertaining. They worked well as a
team, reacting brilliantly to the action on stage and listening to one another, completely
immersing themselves and the audience in the world of this farcical play.
This was a lively and humorous Twelfth Night performed by a committed cast that invested
in their characters and the comedy world of the story.
Congratulations to everyone involved in this superb production. I hope to
see Saints Peter and Paul Catholic Primary School in the Festival again next
Lane Paul Stewart

“A lively and humorous Twelfth Night”