Class Clitherow work week 10

Y6 Doors – the world of possibility



Party planning task

Extreme Earth Brain Teasers

100 Reasoning and Problem Solving Questions

Answers and Mark Scheme 100 Reasoning and Problem Solving

Caveman Conundrum Number Puzzle


Hi Everyone,

Happy Sunday! I hope you are all enjoying your holidays and making the most of this beautiful weather.

For those of you wanting to work this week, I have posted the tasks that I would like you to do this week. I have also updated Purple Mash, Mathletics and there are two battles on TTRS. One is a whole school boys against girls battle; the other is Clitherow against Rigby. Both battles run for two weeks!

The links I have posted this week are as follows:

  1. The first link is for this week’s work – week 10.
  2. Link 2 is the ‘Doors’ booklet that you will need for Monday and Tuesday.
  3. This is the ‘gadget’ pack that I have mentioned in the work for English this week.
  4. This is an art task for you to try but you will need access to paint to do this one.
  5. This is a party planning task and you will likely need a calculator for some parts of this!
  6. This is a fun extreme earth puzzle pack – lots of tasks here to keep you busy and will remind you of the work we had completed in the Autumn term.
  7. Links 7 and 8 are maths – there are 100 reasoning problems to try over the course of the week (answers are also provided.)
  8. Finally, a caveman maths puzzle for you to try – this should be straightforward – the answers are included too.

I have updated the activities for you all on Purple Mash and there are also activities to  complete on Mathletics too.

Take care of yourselves! I will send a Zoom link out to your parents this week – come on and join the class for a catch up!

Mrs Kildare