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Mrs Christian and Mrs Morgan

Curriculum Overview

Year 2 Autumn 2016 parents letter- inside

Year 2 Autumn 2 parents letter- inside

Year 2 Spring 1 parents letter- inside

Year 2 Spring 2 parents letter- inside



 Homework will be handed out on a Wednesday and collected in the following Wednesday. If your child is absent when homework is given out please remind them to ask for a copy upon their return.


Children are expected to know the age related spelling rules for their year group. These spellings are given out on a Wednesday and tested the following Wednesday. Continue to work with your child on past spellings as this will help them to spell these words within their writing.

Children are also expected to know how to spell KS1 common exception words for both year 1 and year 2. Please find a copy of these words here: Key-Words-for-Year-2-Children.

Home Readers

Our Home Readers are changed on a Tuesday and Friday. Please ensure that your child reads for fluency and understanding (ask them lots of questions). Children will also be given a book review to complete.


Our P.E day is a Thursday. Children must have a full P.E. kit, including pumps,in order to participte safely. This is also part of our Uniform Policy.

Have a look at our gallery for pictures of our class journey so far!